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Climbing the ladder: How to get earmarked for leadership

Climbing the ladder


Becoming a leader in an organisation isn’t done on an invitation basis. It doesn’t work like that. Showing up as a leader starts long before you have a conversation about an official leadership role.

To become a leader in a company, you need to display all the right qualities even when the opportunity isn’t yet on the horizon. Leadership isn’t about the tasks you’re responsible for but how you carry yourself and inspire others.


8 ways to show leadership skills when you’re not a leader


1.   Be a people person

One of the most noteworthy attributes of a leader is their ability to build rapport with different people. Nobody wants to be led by someone they don’t like. Therefore, leaders need to inspire, and they need to be liked. So build relationships with your colleagues and be someone they can rely on.


2.   Help others

Good leadership is about teamwork. A real leader doesn’t just think of themselves and their workload. Instead, they’ll ensure the entire team is on track and step in where needed. So the next time you see a teammate struggling, be sure to offer them a helping hand.


3.   Celebrate people’s wins

In leadership, the focus is on others, not on yourself. So always be the first person to congratulate a teammate on their success sincerely.


4.   Go above and beyond

Companies like to hire leaders committed to the cause, not people who are clock-watching, waiting for the day to end. As a leader, you need to show real commitment to the end goal and do whatever it takes to get there. That’s how employers know they can rely on you.


5.   Think solutions, not problems

The standard employee mindset is to identify problems and escalate them to management. As a leader, you want to be able to identify problems but always present a solution. This shows genuine initiative, and your employer will soon see you have a lot of original ideas and value to offer.


6.   Commit to your personal growth

As a leader, you don’t just need to focus on the growth of your team but on your personal growth too. A leader must practice what they preach! Show a desire to better yourself, learn new skills, undergo training, and improve your mindset.


7.   Be open to change

A lot can change in leadership roles. If you’re going to help the company grow, you need to be flexible and agile and no stranger to changes. So always adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude when new changes are presented and show just how adaptable you can be.


8.   Embrace feedback

If you want to be a leader, you need to learn to embrace feedback and not be defensive. Great leaders love to better themselves, and so they’re always looking for feedback or constructive criticism. So always ask others for feedback and how you could have done better.


Start now

Often, directors will be looking at inexperienced staff members to scope out who could be potential leaders in years to come. So, it’s never too early to start putting yourself out there as a leader, even when you’re not ready for the position.

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Vanessa Ramkissoon

Vanessa Ramkissoon | Recruitment Content Expert